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The personal screencapping journal of red_confession.

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About KaitiesCaps
Kaitiescaps is the personal screencapping journal of red_confession.

This is a multi-fandom cap community, so there should be something for everyone. Please feel free to watch the community to get updated on new cap releases.
1. If you use any of the caps (in icons or picspams), please credit either red_confession or kaitiescaps at the bottom of your post or in your resources page.

2. Conversely, please don't take credit for any of these caps.

3. Comments are <3, and lets me know what series/movies are popular. I'll be more likely to post the next season or similar movies if there's multiple comments on a post.

4. Feel free to repost to other fandom communities! In fact, it would be much appreciated if you did. All I ask is that you give credit and link back to kaitiescaps.
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